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  1. Personal data is processed in accordance with Act no. 18/2018 Z. z. on the Protection of Personal Data as amended.
  2. The operator does not provide the buyer's personal data to a third party other than the chosen shipping company that provides the delivery of the goods or services or to the state authorities in the case of a check or mediator on the basis of a mutual agreement concluded pursuant to Act no. 18/2018 Cz
  3. An operator is obliged to provide personal data before being made available to unauthorized persons, by adopting appropriate technical and organizational measures. Also, all employees of the operator are obliged to observe confidentiality in relation to personal data.
  4. The person concerned has the rights defined in accordance with the provisions of art. § 19 et seq. Of Act no. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data, as amended, namely:
    1. the right to information that is contained in such content and business terms,
    2. the right to request access to personal data relating to the person concerned - Section 21 of the Act rests on your right to request the manner in which and for what purposes your data is processed, addressing this request to a contact email.
    3. the right to rectify personal data - Section 22 of the Act allows you to correct your personal data if it is outdated,
    4. the right to delete personal data - Section 23 of the Act shall be used if you are not interested in the operator further processing personal data,
    5. the right to limit the processing of personal data - Section 24 of the Act shall apply if you believe that personal data has been processed in contravention of the law,
    6. the right to object to the processing of personal data - Section 27 of the Act,
    7. the right to portability of personal data,
    8. the right to sue the supervisory authority in relation to the processed personal data.
  5. Operator from the buyer obtains the following personal data: name, surname, delivery address, billing address, phone number and e-mail address that are processed to properly handle your order. These personal data are kept for 10 years for archiving purposes. As part of the ordering process, personal data are processed for the purpose of issuing invoices, issuing stock (delivery), transport security and accounting in the accounting.
  6. The operator has instructed an intermediary, which is the operator of the internet portal with the service Verified by customers, Heureka Shopping, sro with registered office at Karolínksa 650/1, 186 00 Prague, ID: 02387727, to process on the e-shop operator single- e-mail and ordering information to assess the quality of the purchase. For the purpose of this assessment, the intermediary will send a one-time email to the buyer with the option of rating.
  7. These pages record your IP address, time information, how much time you spend by viewing this site, and information on what site you are coming from. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and are also used to measure page traffic and pageview customization, and with these files we can offer you better services. Therefore, we perceive these files as our legitimate interest. Some cookies are third-party files, e.g. Google, Facebook, and so on.
  8. You can delete your cookies at any time, or set them up directly in your browser settings. If you want to refuse to collect cookies, set it up in your internet browser.
  9. If the buyer demonstrably accepted the processing of personal data in an e-shop for e-mail marketing purposes, he agreed to send e-mail messages to a contact e-mail address.
  10. Personal data for e-mail marketing purposes in the range of name and surname, e-mail address are provided for a maximum of five years. These personal data are not provided to third parties.
  11. Your purchaser may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an Appeal to the Processing of Personal Data, which will be immediately deleted. You can also sign out by unchecking the box in the user's user account (if the buyer requested to create a user account). We will no longer use your personal data for your e-mail marketing purposes.

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